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In today’s ever-evolving world, our choices for recreational transportation are always changing.  The human psyche today is constantly pushing us to chase the newest technologies, more comforting options, and the most unique forms of design.  In recent years, we were seeing a variety of utility vehicles driving through our neighborhoods and communities, around the campground, at our weekend getaway hotspots, and even, at the golf course.  This transition in recreational travel shows the interest people put on spending disposable income on recreation and entertainment. 


In 2017, with the continued rise in interest for all sorts of recreational utility vehicles, Jeff Sand, one of our founders, decided to seek out the next great utility vehicle with the focus on an all-electric vehicle. The result of those efforts was a line of vehicles that can provide all the comforts of a regular automobile, but in a size similar to a golf cart or side-by-side utility vehicle. 


After several months of continued research and testing, in April 2019, Jeff, and his partner and co-founder, Eric Christensen, founded Momentum MotorWerks.  Momentum MotorWerks seeks to instill a solid Vision for the future coupled with a strong set of core Values to make Momentum vehicles the best and most sought-after electric recreational vehicle on the market today.



To transform the recreational vehicle market by delivering an unbelievable user experience, providing an environmental conscious vehicle that is all-electric, and meet the quality standards of the most popular recreational vehicle brands in the world.




We will constantly work to educate others about the experience one can achieve with the ownership of a Momentum vehicle.



We will support our owners to ensure their full enjoyment of their Momentum vehicle.


We will provide the service necessary to keep your Momentum vehicle always at the ready for an exciting adventure.


We will always provide a quality Momentum vehicle to ensure we lead the industry in quality standards.

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