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Momentum MotorWerks is the most unique recreational utility vehicle you will ever see. These all-electric vehicles provide a great experience, but they are also safer for the environment and our personal health along with providing the same comfort options of a standard vehicle. There is no better way to experience Momentum than being a dealer where you can drive, sell, service and enjoy them every day.  We believe that a successful dealership is formed when the values of both parties are based on a long-term partnership that is built on the foundation of educating, supporting, servicing and providing quality products to all those we come into contact with. 


The utility vehicle and golf cart industries combined exceed more than $10B in annual revenue, so why not enter that market with the most unique and trendsetting vehicle on the market today.

Are you ready to make the commitment to become a dealer? 
The process to become a dealer is simple. To get started, please complete the Prospective Dealer Inquiry Form and review the Ownership & Financing Requirement Statement: 

As you are completing the Prospective Dealer Inquiry, you will need to determine a territory in which to start your dealership. We believe in allowing our dealers the time and space to build and grow their business. All of our dealerships have designated territories to allow dealers to focus on the consumers they are trying to service and not competition from other Momentum dealers.


After receiving your completed dealer inquiry form, Momentum MotorWerks will quickly review and setup a time to visit with you about the dealer program and to answer any questions you may have. 


If we feel there is a viable opportunity to develop a dealer relationship, Momentum MotorWerks will send you a formal Dealer Application Form. This application will seek information on the following topics:


  • Background on your aspirations and experience to ensure you have the education and experience to run a dealership,

  • Information on prospect’s financial history and ability to support the development of the dealership,

  • Information on prospect’s available or proposed real estate for the establishment of the dealership,

  • Banking support,

  • Dealership Business plan.


If a Prospective Dealer is not accepted, an applicant can request a Referral Dealer Status.  If you are accepted as a referral dealer, you will have the opportunity to purchase a “demo” vehicle directly from Momentum MotorWerks.  Once your vehicle arrives, Momentum will schedule a time to go over the program in more detail.  A typical referral dealer can expect to earn up to $500 per vehicle sold through the Territorial dealer.  All Referral Dealer status request are normally approved. 


Dealer Support Services
Our corporate offices, distribution center, parts warehouse and other support services are all based in the heart of the United States in Sioux Falls, SD. These are some of the support services Momentum MotorWerks offers its dealers:


  • Business Startup Support

  • Co-op Sales Promotions

  • Professional Sales Materials to download and customize

  • National Press Coverage and Relationship with Momentum MotorWerks

  • Same Website base as Momentum MotorWerks

  • Advisory Council Membership


Dealer Expectations


  • Dealers are expected to keep a small inventory of vehicles on hand along with some parts and accessories

  • Dealers will be responsible for adhering to the Values of Momentum in educating consumers, supporting them before, during and after the sale, providing them the service they need to continue enjoying the experience, and make sure the quality of the vehicles, the facilities and the people are always the best in the industry.  You must support and instill these values to remain a dealer in good standing.

  • The ability to service vehicles will require an individual with a significant level of mechanical and electrical expertise along with access to tools and a service area.  Per our Values, we look to educate, support, service and provide quality to all of our dealers.

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